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Products And Services

Listed below are the products and services that I offer. Convenient online scheduling may be done at my scheduling page or on my contact page. Also, see my list of prices.

15-Minute Consultation
(15 minutes)

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me by phone, video, or text message to ask questions and find out more about FertilityCare and NaProTechnology.

Introductory Session Presentation
(1 hour 30 minutes)

Learn about FertilityCare and NaProTechnology with a review of anatomy & physiology and information on how to chart your cycles using the Creighton Model System. Available in-person and long distance as a group or an individual session.

Introductory Session Packet

After the Introductory Session Presentation, if a woman or couple wants to start using the Creighton Model System as a client, they will receive a folder, book, one chart, and one stamp starter pack.

User Picture Dictionary

Users of the Creighton Model System can buy their own copy of the Picture Dictionary, which contains real-life photos of cervical mucus observations, to help them confirm what they may be seeing. Long distance clients are required to purchase this book.


Clients use the Creighton Model System paper chart to record their daily observations on (if they are not using the app). Clients who need a new, blank chart can purchase them as needed.

Stamp Starter Pack

Clients use the Creighton Model System stamps (stickers) on their paper chart to color-code their observations. Clients who need more stamps can purchase them as needed. Stamp sheets (including yellow stamps) can be purchased individually, but they are often purchased together in a stamp starter pack. A stamp starter pack includes 11 sheets: 2 red sheets, 5 plain green sheets, 1 green baby sheet, and 3 white baby sheets in a small, plastic resealable bag. The new stamp starter pack (since Fall 2022) includes 12 sheets: the above with an extra white baby sheet. The yellow stamp starter pack includes 6 plain yellow sheets and 2 yellow baby sheets in a small, plastic resealable bag.

Charting App

The official web-based Creighton Model FertilityCare System charting app for phones, tablets, and computers is available to established clients who have been charting on the paper chart for at least 5 follow-ups (3 months). The app is purchased as a subscription through the Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner from the Saint Paul VI Institute’s Publications Department.

Individual Follow-Up Appointment
(1 hour)

Creighton Model System Follow-up appointment as outlined in the Follow-Up Form. Appointment may be covered in full by health insurance if the client is a NaProTechnology patient.

1 Year Of Follow-Up Appointments
(8 hours)

A total of 8 pre-paid Creighton Model System Follow-up appointments to be completed during 1 year at intervals outlined in the Follow-Up Form.

Chart Review
(30 minutes)

In this special appointment, I only review the client’s chart – make corrections and do calculations such as mucus cycle score & length and post-Peak phase length. The Follow-Up Form is not followed. Long distance clients are required to have a red ink pen to make corrections on their chart with.

Pregnancy Evaluation
(1 hour)

Clients who become pregnant while using the Creighton Model System can have a Pregnancy Evaluation done, where details of the pregnancy such as estimated conception date and due date are determined.

No-Show Fee

If a client does not contact me to cancel or reschedule prior to the appointment, then they may be charged a no-show fee.

Special Offers And Affiliations

Natural Fruit FertilityCare Services is an affiliate of Organic Conceptions to help provide our clients with the additional support they may need when experiencing infertility and/or miscarriages.

Take the Emotional Health assessment to receive a custom report showcasing your emotional wellness across 4 key areas critical to a healthy quality of life and reproductive journey.

Learn more about why it works and see client testimonials of the Organic Conceptions program.

Fertility Breakthru Academy from Dr. Elisa Yao, Functional Medicine and NaProTechnology Physician, is an online webinar and course that is valuable to clients who are having difficulty getting pregnant and would benefit from doing things to help improve their egg and sperm quality. The FBA course includes many ways to help improve fertility naturally, including with diet, activities, and supplements. As a supporter of FBA, use my link to get a 50% discount (link expires in September 2024).

Charting Health for Young Women from Kari Beadner, CFCP is a 6-week, 6-module online course (with lifetime access) designed to be a roadmap for mothers in guiding their daughters (9-15 years old) through puberty, adolescence, and womanhood. Topics include resources for moms, wholeness and SPICE for pre-teens and teens, women’s superpowers, health and hygiene, and basic charting for health. Learn more and buy your access to the online course.

Natural Fruit FertilityCare Services is licensed to give the Wonder of Eve presentation, which was designed by a team with the Archdiocese of St. Louis Office of Natural Family Planning. The WoE is a 60-minute presentation including Q&A geared towards high school girls (ages 14-18) and aligned with Catholic teaching and values. Book now with me for your school, organization, or other group. See the WoE trailer video and WoE demo video for more information. Cost is $300 for an in-person or virtual group presentation.

SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage is an eBook by Holly Baril, CFCP to improve communication and build intimacy in marriage using SPICE. This book is useful to both clients and practitioners. It can help practitioners to improve the discussion with their clients on the topics of SPICE, sexuality, and touch. And clients can directly benefit from reading the book and applying the concepts in their own relationships. Practitioners and clients may purchase a digital copy of the book.

Prayer and meditation can help you manage stress and sleep better, therefore improving cycle health. Looking for something spiritual for SPICE? Download the Hallow app, a Catholic prayer and meditation app, with this free 3-month trial of the app with full features.

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